Verónica Trapa

General Partner, Swanlaab Venture Factory

Verónica Trapa

Speaker Bio

Veronica Trapa is a General Partner at Swanlaab Venture Factory since 2014, the first Spanish-Israeli Venture Capital fund that invests in Spanish, high-tech, B2B software start-ups. Swanlaab is currently launching two new funds that total €160M AUM: a Deep Tech successor fund (Swanlaab II) and a vertical specialized Agri-Food Tech Fund (Swanlaab Agri-Food Tech) to continue investing in Spanish entrepreneurs. As a General Partner, Veronica is a member of the Investment Committee and a Board Director of several portfolio companies.

Prior to her career in venture capital, she led two projects as an entrepreneur: a home textile retailer (Life & Colors) and a home-made food delivery company (Tu Chef). As a natural entrepreneur, and having a profound passion for startup creation, Veronica brings her practical experience to the projects she invests in.

She has also held different executive management positions in consulting and industrial companies. She has been a Negotiation professor at ICADE for 11+ years and, since 2019, has formed part of the founder group of the Fundación L'Arche de Madrid for the formation of homes with people with cognitive disabilities.

Veronica holds a Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration (1996-CUNEF), has a Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Berkeley (1997-UCB) and completed the General Management Program, PDG (2007-IESE).