Vanessa Gray

Head, BDT's Environment and Emergency Telecommunications Division, International Telecommunication Union

Vanessa Gray

Speaker Bio

Ms. Vanessa Gray is the Head of the Division for Environment and Emergency Telecommunications within the ITU's Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT). Ms Gray coordinates the Telecommunication Development Bureau's work in the area of Emergency Telecommunications, to develop ICT projects and provide assistance for disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. This includes the development of national emergency telecommunication plans, the deployment of emergency telecommunication equipment to countries hit by disasters, and regional and national capacity building exercises for disaster management. She is also responsible for the organization of the Global Forum on Emergency Telecommunication (GET) and specific ICT for disaster management tools and publications, for example in the area of disruptive technologies, gender, and ICT drills.

In the area of the environment, Ms Gray coordinates the BDT's work on developing e-waste policies and monitoring the amount of electronic waste, in particular through the publication of the Global and Regional E-waste Monitors. Her role is to build public-private partnerships, develop projects and strengthen the role of the BDT in terms of e-waste coordination, for example with the E-waste Coalition, the Global E-waste Statistics Partnership, and with the private sector.

Prior to this position, Ms Gray was part of the ITU's Data and Statistics Division and contributed to the design and preparation of the Division's analytical publications, including the Measuring the Information Society Report (MISR). She also contributed to and coordinated the analysis of information society developments, organized ICT-related meetings, and delivered national and regional trainings and workshops on ICT statistics to ITU member states. Ms Gray holds a Master's degree in Political Science and Economics from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland.