Vanesa Diaz

Business Development Director, LuxQuanta

Vanesa Diaz

Speaker Bio

Vanesa Diaz is Business Developer Director at LuxQuanta responsible for developing technical and commercial competitive response and growing new businesses opportunities in Europe. 

Prior to joinning LuxQuanta, Diaz worked for over a decade as a Market Development Manager for Corning Optical Communications working on new markets in the EMEA region. She is a strong communicator with recognized experience at international conferences and has authored numerous papers becoming a reference in the Optical Telecommunications industry. Diaz has also worked as a Research and Development Engineer for RYMSA, an antenna and RF device manufacturer, and as a Network Supervisor for Vodafone Spain.

She graduated with honors from the University of Cantabria, with a Masters Engineering Degree in Telecommunications. Diaz also holds a Master of Business and Marketing from Griffith University, Australia.

After many years working and living overseas, Diaz relocated to her come country Spain where she is currently working remotely for LuxQuanta from the city of Madrid.