Vaibhav Vaidya

Chief Technology Officer , Simusolar

Vaibhav Vaidya

Speaker Bio

Vaibhav Vaidya is Chief Technology Officer at Simusolar Inc, and leads the Information systems and Engineering departments. Vaibhav’s interests are technology leadership, social enterprise and the equitable productivity of communities as a tool of international parity.


At Simusolar, Vaibhav launches productive use products like water pumps and fishing lights in East Africa, leads the development of Mobile and Business Apps, develops go to market strategies for products, and participates in open-source software and open-standards for the pay as you go sector.


Vaibhav was formerly a Research Scientist at Intel Labs, and holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle. He has lived, learned and worked on three continents and loves to travel to experience different cultures.