Tomás Diago

Founder & CEO, Danelfin

Tomás Diago

Speaker Bio

Tomás founded one of the most successful European Internet companies, Softonic. He scaled it to 400 employees, 120 million monthly users, and exited for +270M€. He founded Danelfin because, as a retail investor, he needed a tool to help him make smarter data-driven investment decisions.

Tomás has been awarded the “National Young Entrepreneur Award” by the Confederación Española de Asociaciones de Jóvenes Empresarios (CEAJE), the “Businessman of the Future Award” by the Catalan Association Foment de Treball Nacional, the “Emerging Entrepreneur Award” by the consulting firm Ernst & Young, and the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by the magazine Emprendedores.

Tomas graduated from the Universitat La Salle (Universitat Ramon Llull) with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.