Stephen Harris


Stephen Harris

Speaker Bio

Stephen is the Co-Founder and Director of Learning at Learnlife, Barcelona. He currently lives or works across two cities - Barcelona and Sydney, crossing the globe frequently!

Learnlife Barcelona has lighthouse hubs – with a focus on primary and secondary - pioneer spaces for lifelong learning in Barcelona. There is also on online Hub – the Home Hub. All are learning communities with a focus on developing lifelong learning capabilities. These are the starting inspiration for a worldwide network of learning hubs with the goal of accelerating change in existing education models through personal purpose-based based learning.

Stephen was the Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) from 1999 - 2017. Under his leadership the school gained international recognition as an organisation that was noted for leading pedagogic change in schooling. In 2005, Stephen founded the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning. His vision was to embed innovation into everyday school practice.

Stephen received recognition at the inaugural 2011 Australian Awards for Outstanding Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), as the Australian Secondary Principal of the Year (NSW). Stephen was also recognised in 2017 as a recipient of the prestigious John Laing Award by Principals Australia Institute (PAI) presented to exceptional school leaders.