Shahbaz Ali

Head of IoT, Telenor Pakistan

Shahbaz Ali

Speaker Bio

Shahbaz is currently heading IoT function at Telenor Pakistan, one of the largest telecommunications operators in Pakistan with over 48mil subscribers. 


Under Shahbaz’s leadership IoT revenues have grown by over 200% in two consecutive years (2020 & 2021) and are poised to continue the growth trajectory in 2022 and beyond. key to this breakthrough success has been Shahbaz’s ability to pair up advances in IoT with specific uses cases for the local market to establish relevance and achieve fast commercialization. He believes in building an IoT ecosystem through partnerships and views new business models as the key to faster adoption. Shahbaz is also a part of the Telenor global community, working towards IoT platform play in PaaS / SaaS categories. 


Shahbaz has been working on IoT products since 2015. Prior to that he led Transport Core teams within Telenor Pakistan. He has over 16 years of experience in telecommunications and IoT, focusing on product development, solution design and overall product P&L management. Shahbaz has a BE in Computer Engineering and an Executive MBA.