Rui Stoffel Fernandes

CEO, Busup Technologies

Rui Stoffel Fernandes

Speaker Bio

Rui Stoffel is co-founder and CEO of BusUp, a Global Mobility Service Provider offering Flexible and Shared Commuter Shuttle Services operating in the US, Europe and Latam,

With more than 15 years of experience in logistics, transportation, and business management, Stoffel started his career in Logistics and Business Consulting, where he held several Senior Consulting Positions in top-tier European Consulting Firms and where he was responsible for implementing large projects for top Spanish and European firms.

Since 2015, Stoffel has been fully dedicated to his entrepreneurial career, co-founding BusUp. Established in 2016, BusUp has rapidly become the first corporate commuting service provider that has successfully implemented shared commuting programs and one of the first to offer corporate shuttles integrated in Corporate MaaS platforms. Thanks to its technology and its innovative business model BusUp has disrupted a very traditional and low-digitized sector, bringing efficiency and convenience to all its stakeholders: Passengers, Clients, Operators, and Public Administration. Today BusUp attends more than 40.000 daily commuters and has more than 100 clients worldwide.