Rod Menchaca

CEO, AIS Channel

Rod Menchaca

Speaker Bio

Wednesday, 30 June | 09:30 - 11:00 | KEYNOTE 6: NEXTECH

Rodrigo (Rod) Menchaca, M.C., PhD., is the CEO of Advances in Surgery (AIS Channel), a leading surgical education platform that trains, free of charge, surgeons from 184 countries through the online broadcasting of surgeries performed by the best surgeons in the world (with an average audience of over 15K connected surgeons), on-demand scientific repositories, certified online education programs and courses and innovative knowledge transferring solutions including artificial intelligence.?

Rod’s role is to lead a multidisciplinary team that combines professionals from the worlds of health, innovation, technology and business development to fulfill the vision of Antonio De Lacy, the founder of AIS. This vision consists in training 97% of the world's surgeons, who, due to time, distance and money, have no access to quality continuous education. Rod brings a moonshot mood to AIS as a creative, result-driven and award-winning industry leader in digital innovation with over 24 years’ international experience. He is a killed in grasping the big picture; as well as in conceptualizing, developing and implementing online knowledge transfer solutions.

Rod has extensive academic training from the University of Arts and Communication Sciences (UNIACC - Chile), Northwestern University and Kellogg Business School (Chicago - USA) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).

Twitter: @menchaca