Roberto Rodriguez

Head of Spectrum Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Telefónica S.A

Roberto Rodriguez

Speaker Bio

Roberto Rodriguez Dorrego is currently Head of Spectrum Strategy in Telefonica Group, with responsibilities on Spectrum Auctions across the Telefonica footprint, definition of the Spectrum Strategy guidelines, and developing Telefonica Policy Positions on Spectrum, Licensing, and Infrastructure issues, keeping up internal knowledge for spectrum related technology and policy advancements.

Chairman of GSMA Spectrum Group at Committee level (Spectrum Strategy Management Group) 2017 to 2021, being Telefonica’s representative since its creation in 2006.

With more than 25 years’ experience on Telecommunications, he has held positions in Technology, Policy and Strategy areas, following specially Spectrum Policy, Technology and Planning for more than 20 years..

Mr, Rodriguez has participated actively in the ITU work to identify new spectrum for mobile services in WRC-19, WRC-15, WRC-12 and WRC-07, as well as in WP5D, TG6-1, JTG-4567, SG5, CITEL and CEPT work. He has been working in Spectrum for more than 20 years, mainly in the areas of Spectrum Policy, Spectrum Strategy, Spectrum Auctions Strategy and Spectrum Technology. Previously he held several positions in network strategy, spectrum technology and spectrum engineering.