Richard Wharton

Co-Founder, Bullitt Group

Richard Wharton

Speaker Bio

Richard is co-founder of Bullitt Group, an innovative British smartphone company specialising in ruggedised, and satellite-connected devices, apps and services. Bullitt has recently unveiled a first-to-market satellite messaging service, Bullitt Satellite Connect, providing essential communication, (two-way satellite messaging, tracking and SOS Assistance), wherever cell coverage is a challenge.

Bullitt has developed proprietary software and service components to provide satellite text messaging via a simple to use OTT application (Bullitt Satellite Messenger). The service is the culmination of two years of close working relationships with the most advanced technology partners in the field of NTN (non-terrestrial network) communications including the world’s leading chipset supplier MediaTek, leading critical event response specialists FocusPoint International and Skylo, Bullitt’s satellite connectivity partner.

His journey as an electronics entrepreneur began in 2003 when he founded Genus Digital - a start-up DAB radio manufacturer. Despite the obvious competition from established brands the company created several successful models that sold through major UK and Danish high street retailers including John Lewis, DSGi, Fona, and Comet. He has also held Director positions at several media and communications businesses. When not signing up new brands, Richard is a keen rugby player and skier.