Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Chair , Health Parliament - India

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Speaker Bio

Rajendra Pratap Gupta (Rajendra) is a public policy expert who has been contributing to policy making for over a decade.

Rajendra has worked with some of the largest organisations across the world and was nominated to the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum for 2012-2014 in recognition of his work. He has served at senior-most levels at fortune 20 & fortune 500 companies in India. Besides, he has been invited by global organisations like the United Nations, UNESCO, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, ITU ( oldest UN body), United States of America, Govt. of Japan, Algeria, Finland & Bangladesh, and also by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Human Resource Development , Ministry of Labour and Employment & The Planning Commission – Government of India, for his views on diverse range of topics. He played an important role in drafting public policies and became the youngest person to draft the election manifesto of BJP . He also played a key role in drafting the BJP’s Lok Sabha Election Manifesto in 2014. He has played an important role in drafting the National Health Policy 2017, National Education Policy, the policy ( schemes ) for Building & other Construction Workers (BOCW) – Ministry of Labour & Employment & the State Health Policy for Uttar Pradesh. He is the founder of HIMSS India , Disease Management Association of India , Continua India , PCHA India and the Government Industry Dialogue Initiative. He was recognised for his contribution in 2012 by the sheriff of Los Angeles; named the ‘Thought Leader of the Year’ three years in a row by ICT Post; Featured amongst the ’25 living Legends of Healthcare in India’ and nominated to World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council. He has authored five best-selling books 1)Healthcare Reforms in India – Making up for the lost decades 2) Your Vote is Not Enough 3) Your Degree is Not Enough 4) Tough Choices & Hard Decisions- Rebuilding India : The Next 25 Years 5) Digital Health – Truly Transformational.

Currently, he divides his time between public policy work and consultancy / advisory roles across geographies.