Pramod Nair

Lead Security Architect, Microsoft

Pramod Nair

Speaker Bio

Pramod Nair is a Lead Security Architect at Microsoft. During his 20 years of experience in the industry, Pramod has worked on multiple areas, including Research and Development, designing end to end secure mobile networks and technical consultant on military and defense projects.

Amongst other responsibilities in his current role within Microsoft, Pramod leads Telco Security Architecture, driving its adoption globally and has been instrumental in architecting secure next generation networks for customers across the globe. He is a regular speaker on the subject at large conferences, industry events and a guest lecturer at universities. Pramod Nair is an active member of the security community. His active role helps mobile network providers, service providers, industry verticals, national security and defense sector and other agencies dedicated to securing critical infrastructures. He is also deeply involved with industry trade organizations, co-chaired the 5G security white paper within the 5GAmericas workgroup and works with NIST on 5G Security.

Pramod recently published a book on cybersecurity titled “Securing 5G and Evolving Networks”. He holds a patent in fraud detection and has published various white papers and articles covering security related topics.