Philippe Vuilleumier

Senior Security Advisor, Swisscom

Philippe Vuilleumier

Speaker Bio

Philippe Vuilleumier has been with Swisscom for almost 20 years.

In his previous role he served as the Chief Security Officer and Head of Group Security from September 2015 until the end of 2022. During his term of office, the maturity and operationalization of the security function was significantly strengthened. This includes better alignment and operationalization of security strategies, increases in product and infrastructure security including protection, detection, and responses against cyber-attacks.

Prior to this role, Philippe held various management positions in the technology division of Swisscom Switzerland, including 5 years as Head of Network & IT Operations with overall responsibility for IT and network operations. Before taking over as Head of Group Security, he was CEO of the subsidiary Alphapay from 2013. Since January 2023 and in his new role as Senior Security Advisor, he has been leading various projects to further improve Swisscom's security, working both with customers and internal stakeholders.

Before joining Swisscom, Philippe Vuilleumier held various management positions at Zurich Insurance Group, Equant and IBM.
His qualifications include a Master's degree in Business Telecommunications from Delft University of Technology and an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Marketing Management.

Philippe is currently a member of the board of Electrosuisse, is actively involved in various organisations in the field of physical and cyber security and was Chairman of the Board of SEC Consult Switzerland AG.