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Philippe Morin


Philippe Morin

Speaker Bio

Philippe Morin is CEO of EXFO, and joined the leadership team in November 2015 as Chief Operating Officer. Philippe has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecom sector and, prior to EXFO, held senior leadership positions including Senior Vice-President of Worldwide Sales and Field Operations at Ciena, as well as President of Metro Ethernet Networks, and Vice-President and General Manager of Optical Networks at Nortel Networks.

EXFO is the communications industry’s trusted advisor for test, monitoring and analytics. Philippe frequently speaks on topics ranging from service assurance for next-generation networks to global export strategies. He draws on EXFO’s experience of working with the world’s leading mobile network operators to reveal the existing challenges in assuring services in 4G. He advises industry leaders on the work needed to overcome these challenges as we evolve today’s 4G networks to tomorrow’s 5G opportunities.