Per Narvinger

Head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson

Per Narvinger

Speaker Bio

Per Narvinger is Head of Product Area Networks at Ericsson. He is responsible for the company’s network systems and wireless infrastructure business, which includes radio software and hardware for generations of cellular technologies – from 2G to 5G – as well as cloud-native RAN, indoor and transport portfolios.

Prior to this role, Narvinger headed up Ericsson in Northern and Central Europe where 2,000 employees deliver products and services to customers in 16 countries.

Narvinger has broad experience from different areas of the telecoms and ICT industry, including research and standardization, development, product management, and sales. He joined Ericsson in 1997 and has worked in various leadership roles where he has engaged with key customers globally. He has also had long-term assignments in Australia and Spain.

Narvinger holds an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden. His Master of Science diploma includes graduate studies at Stanford University in the U.S.