Pekka Lundmark

President & CEO, Nokia

Pekka Lundmark

Speaker Bio

In over 20 years as a CEO, Pekka has accrued expertise in the telecommunications, technology, energy, manufacturing, machinery, retail and finance sectors.

Pekka was appointed Nokia’s President and CEO in August 2020. He previously worked for the company between 1990 and 2000. During this time he worked as an account manager, responsible for the launch of the world’s first GSM network.

This was followed by time in venture capital, and then the consumer goods company Hackman, where he first became a CEO. He then led Konecranes for 10 years before moving to Fortum, an international energy company, for five years.

Pekka’s experience has given him insight into the technologies that will drive digitalization. These include 5G, AI, private networks, the Industrial Internet of Things, predictive maintenance and cloud computing.