Oriol Tintore

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Belvo

Oriol Tintore

Speaker Bio

Oriol started his career as an Aerospace Engineer at NASA, developing small satellites. He

worked at NASA Ames Research Center between 2011-2015.

In 2015, he enrolled at Stanford University to pursue an MBA with the support of a full-tuition

scholarship from Obra Social of La Caixa (Spanish Non-profit). While at Stanford, Oriol founded

Capella Space (and acted as its first CFO), a startup specialized in collecting information from

the space that has obtained the financial backing of VCs such as Spark Capital and has raised

more than $50m.

Upon graduation from Stanford he worked for some months in Business Development at Flex

(www.flex.com) in the Bay Area until he joined Verse, one of the leading P2P payments apps in

Europe, as CEO.

In May 2019 he founded Belvo together with Pablo Viguera. Belvo is the leading Open Finance API platform in Latin America,

powering the next generation of financial services by enabling more inclusive, efficient and empowering offerings through tech and data