Nicholas Zylberglajt

CEO, Unmanned Life

Nicholas Zylberglajt

Speaker Bio

Nicholas is the CEO of Unmanned Life, the leading Autonomy-as-a-Service AI software platform powering the deployment of autonomous robotics solutions for enterprise. Unmanned Life positively disrupts  traditional industries such as logistics and smart manufacturing as well as pioneers new business solutions for the Cities of tomorrow. Powered by AI and 5G.

He is leader with more than 13 years of experience in the technology and entrepreneurship space, having approached the adoption of new technologies from different perspectives such as deep tech startup creation, open innovation, mentoring and supporting more than 1500 startups in their growth journey.

He has a track-record in B2B/B2G, in particular in Logistics, Telecoms and Industry 4.0.

Nicholas has been a speaker and a judge at MIT Technology Review, Lisbon Investment Summit, 4YFN, Global Innovation Summit, Dubai 10X, Plug and Play, Dubai Future Foundation, Wayra, European Parliament and more .

Nicholas is actively engaged in promoting diversity in the European Tech ecosystem and proudly count more than 1000 women founders who have been supported through the programmes he led with the support from European and international partners.  Since he is CEO, the Company has adopted binding diversity targets in view of making Unmanned Life a model in Europe.