Munezero Liliane Ndabaneze

Co-Founder and CEO, WidEnergy Africa

Munezero Liliane Ndabaneze

Speaker Bio

Liliane Munezero Ndabaneze, CEO of WidEnergy Africa Ltd. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Co-founded WidEnergy Africa in September 2016. Passionate about women empowerment. Working hard every day in a male dominated industry, towards making women the champions in clean energy, last mile distribution and active agents for climate change.

As CEO, Liliane oversees a dynamic multidisciplinary team with proven expertise in social entrepreneurship including solar products sales distribution, project management, supply chain, cost control, finance, business administration, monitoring and evaluation.

As WidEnergy Africa CEO, Liliane has worked over the past four years, to contribute to her capacity development. She has shown excellent leadership skills and consistently managed the company's impact metrics. She always showed an engagement to improve the living conditions of people, especially women and girls.

Countries of work experience: USA, Burundi and Zambia