Mory Lin

Vice President, IoT/Embedded & Edge Computing, Supermicro

Mory Lin

Speaker Bio

VP of IoT/Embedded & Edge Computing, global leader of engineering and solution architecture teams in Supermicro HQ in Silicon Valley and driving worldwide business and partnership in Telco 5G, Open RAN, AI Inference, Smart Place, Intelligent Industry 4.0 and Healthcare segments.

Mory is passionate about driving innovation in Supermicro edge computing system. He empowered high-performance outdoor edge system and immersive cooling solution by combining Supermicro high-performance hyperscale data center technology and his previous embedded industry experience. By leveraging Supermicro Building Block Solution, his team enabled the Telco 5G product line to be compatible with Open RAN architecture for maximizing value to mobile service providers with competitive product performance.

He led the global teams to accelerate the IoT & Edge Computing solution transformation in Supermicro and continuously enabling business vertical markets in IoT, Embedded and Telecom industry.