Mohammed R. Abaalkheil

Vice President Corporate Relations, STC

Mohammed R. Abaalkheil

Speaker Bio

With an Architectural Degree as an undergraduate and an MSc in Architecture along with an MBA with focus on Building Business personalities, Mohammed had managed to build a solid base in both design and marketing with a main focus on adapting global best practice to local cultures.

Mohammed believes that local understanding of cultures and how different they might appear in addition of understanding the perspective of individuals and their expectations play integral roles in problem solving and successful business achievements.

He came to realize that as venturing into the marketing and design field at the beginning of the millennium. Mohammed also believes that the dedicated team to any project and the way that they complement and blend together is a major catalyst for successful achievements.

Specialties: Mohammed is an architect by degree and a marketer by practice and education. Mohammed is specialized in building business personalities through all brand touch points including culture and the physical environment of a business.

Mohammed believes that this is an integral role of business strategy.