Mohammad Asri Hassan Sabri

Group Chief Corporate Officer, Axiata Group Berhad

Mohammad Asri Hassan Sabri

Speaker Bio

Asri Hassan Sabri was appointed as Group Chief Corporate Officer of Axiata Group Berhad in

September 2018. Prior to that, Asri served as the Chief Executive Officer at Axiata Business

Services Sdn Bhd, the regional enterprise business arm of Axiata. He was also the Group Chief

Business Operations Officer, where he was responsible for the performance management of

Axiata's operating companies.

Asri has 33 years of experience in various management, consulting and entrepreneur

engagements in the IT and telecom industries. He was the Country President for Motorola

Malaysia from 2006 till 2008 and prior to that, served at other MNCs including Nokia and

Digital Equipment Corporation. He was also a strategic partner with Provident Capital

Partners, an established South Asia private equity company.