Milind Kulkarni

VP & Head of Wireless Labs, InterDigital

Milind Kulkarni

Speaker Bio

Milind Kulkarni is Vice President and Head of InterDigital’s Wireless Labs, responsible for overseeing research and standardization. He brings more than 35 years of advanced technology product development experience and expertise in areas relevant to mobile networks, like radio access networks, cloud-native design, edge computing, and network management and service orchestration.

Prior to joining InterDigital, Milind served as the Vice President of R&D for CommScope within the Intelligent Cellular Networks business unit. In this previous role, Milind established CommScope’s vision and strategy to advance technology roadmaps while leading a global team to develop small cells and distributed antenna systems from end-to-end.

Before CommScope, Milind held key leadership positions at Nokia and Motorola while playing a significant role in the development of XG-RAN products. In his early career, Milind also worked on NASA projects at McDonnel Douglas Space Systems as well as Department of Defense projects at Honeywell.