Michael Tang

Chief Ecosystem Officer, Global Financial Services, Deloitte

Michael Tang

Speaker Bio

Michael is the Industry Managing Partner of the Technology, Media & Entertainment & Telecom (TMT) Practice in Canada & Chile. He brings his experience working with Senior Executives across FinTech to BigTech on industries' most challenging signature issues by blending in his innovation and creativity towards building a Technology focused practice at Deloitte. As traditional industry lines continue to blur, technology will play a pivotal role in the transformation across all sectors. Michael leads how Deloitte will help build and shape a practice servicing our Technology & Media clients to scale and grow by providing services of Advisory, Tax & Assurance. He also works within the ecosystem of Venture Capital, Private Equity, and various innovation communities.

Michael is also the appointed Global Financial Services Chief Ecosystem Officer. He has a digital transformation background, experience working on complex transformations with clients, and understands our ecosystem and alliance relationships to help our clients navigate, build, grow & shape their Ecosystem of partners and alliances. We are seeing greater industry convergence in the ecosystem to either expand into new markets or defend existing ones. Embedded banking is only a start, customer-centric solutions are crossing traditional industry boundaries, forcing our clients to play across industries and within multiple sectors to best serve their customers. To capitalize on this opportunity, Deloitte has created the new role on our Global Financial Services team –the GFSI Chief Ecosystem Officer. Michael will combine his roles and domain knowledge between Technology and Financial Services to better serve his clients.

Michael was the Global Financial Services Digital Transformation & Innovation Leader, Chief Strategy Officer, and led the Financial Services Practice for Deloitte New Zealand. During that time, he was appointed Asia Pacific Financial Services Consulting Practice Leader and was the Managing Partner of the Enterprise Risk Advisory Practice.