Michael Speranza

CEO, ZephyrTel

Michael Speranza

Speaker Bio

As Chief Executive Officer, Michael Speranza oversees all aspects of ZephyrTel’s operations. He works closely with his leadership team to define mission and strategies, drive product innovation, and champion customer success. He spends time with customers to understand their needs and ensure ZephyrTel's end-to-end range of Telco software solutions based on the public cloud helps them achieve meaningful change.

Prior to ZephyrTel, Michael served as the SVP/General Manager of the Vertical Business Applications group within Aptean. He was previously the SVP/Managing Director at IPC Systems, a global software and services provider where he oversaw successive years of organic and inorganic growth and two successful exits. Michael is also the CEO of Avolin, a sister company that delivers mission-critical software and brings the power of cloud transformation to thousands of organizations around the world.

Michael has over 20 years of experience in the B2B technology sector. He is a creative, strategic visionary who has led start-up and private equity companies through growth and transition into alternative business lines. Early in his career, Michael worked at the Jet Propulsion Lab and has worked on two successful missions to Mars, including the first Mars’ rover, Sojourner.