Maxim Dontsov

Head of the Information Security Analysts Group, Kaspersky

Maxim Dontsov

Speaker Bio

As part of the KasperskyOS team, Maxim is responsible for developing and implementing a new methodology called Cyber Immunity, which helps create inherently secure and safe IT systems and brings a new and improved level of security to customers.

He and his team spend their days analyzing the threats and vulnerabilities of Cyber Immune solutions and working in close collaboration with product teams to create secure by design software architecture.

Maxim has over 10 years’ experience developing cybersecurity systems and has been involved in dozens of security projects across the telecommunications, manufacturing, and governmental sectors.

His areas of expertise further extend to the development of industry standards on the implementation of secure by design systems with regulators from various foreign markets.

Maxim got his start at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, attaining a Master’s in Computer-Aided Manufacturing Systems with Honors.