Maurizio Rossi

Founder, H-FARM

Maurizio Rossi

Speaker Bio

"He is a passionate entrepreneur since mid-late 80s, been successfully involved in three major industries/sectors as luxury, action sport and innovation technology. Maurizio had the key role of founder and Co-CEO from 2005 to the end of 2021 at H-FARM.

H-FARM was conceived from his pioneering idea of contextualizing a place as a habitat to gather a meta-community of next-gen entrepreneurs to launch digital startups inspired by the “H”philosophy (where H stands fo human-habitat-hub). the intersection of Human needs and desires, with Hub multi-functionalities and Habitat as tangible experience.

Maurizio determined the ""Driving Force"" of H-FARM becoming the vision-strategist to identify the strategic paths to be applied as new models as consequence of the mutations of economic ecosystems and markets.

Maurizio previously held the position of vice president and board member of the Rossi Group (Rossi family) operating in various sectors, mainly in the luxury sector with the historic footwear company RossiModa (acquired in 2002 by the giant LVMH)."