Marta del Castillo

CEO, Social Nest

Marta del Castillo

Speaker Bio

Marta is CEO of Social Nest Foundation, a global platform providing the resources, opportunities and tailored guidance that entrepreneurs, corporates, governments and investors need to create solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

Marta had a long experience leading high impact and innovation organizations, in Spain, as CEO of South Summit-Spain Startup, and Internationally, as CEO of Koga, an ecosystem accelerator, supporting Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem and startups. Koga is the first B corp in Paraguay, and founder of the B Movement in the country and Sistema B.

Board Member of Koga and part of the Advisory Board of Sistema B Py. Recently, she was appointed as Board of Danone Ecosystem, with the responsibility of strategically allocate a global Impact Fund.

Previously, Marta worked for more than a decade in international development and humanitarian aid, in NGOs and Development Agencies, such as Spanish Red Cross or the Spanish Development Agency (AECID). Her broad international experience was shaped in countries such as India, Tanzania, Spain, Colombia or Paraguay.