Mandisa Mazibuko

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Mandisa Mazibuko

Speaker Bio

Mandisa Mazibuko is an Associate Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Johannesburg office. She serves organizations in emerging markets to help drive commercial growth. She focuses especially on telecommunications operators and financial services institutions, working with them on consumer-related topics to improve connectivity, expand access to information, and drive financial inclusion for people and society. She is particularly interested in helping telco operators delayer to help drive future growth behind their core business.

Mandisa’s passion for her work stems from her experience of growing up in rural South Africa and seeing firsthand how lack of access to telecommunications and financial services limits both individual lives and communities.

Her recent client work includes the following examples:
? Conducted an end-to-end delayering transformation for a multinational operator, building five platform businesses including a carve out of one of their platform businesses
? Developed a digital services strategy for an emerging makert operator’s two largest markets
? Diagnosed customer satisfaction for a large telco, and digitally redesigned customer journeys end-to-end
? Developed a customer value proposition strategy and a needs-based customer segmentation for a large multinational bank
? Supported an insurance player in crafting a winning value proposition for a new market using in-depth customer insights and supported salesforce effectiveness and optimizing digital channels

Prior to McKinsey & Company, Mandisa worked at a structural engineer for 2,5 years, including a summer program with Deutsche Telekom in Germany. She was previously a Bill & Melinda  Foundation research fellow.

Mandisa holds a BSc. Civil Engineering, from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and a MEng. Engineering Management from Duke University in the US (Fulbright scholar).