Loic Bonvarlet

VP Product Marketing, Kigen

Loic Bonvarlet

Speaker Bio

Loic Bonvarlet oversees Product Management and Marketing for Kigen, helping to facilitate adoption and scalability of a secure, integrated and cost effective cellular IoT. He drives the entire Kigen portfolio from embedded solutions to services. He has more than 20 years of experience in Telecoms, wireless, security and IoT in development, support, technical sales and product marketing.


Prior to Kigen, Loic Bonvarlet worked at Arm (2018-2020) as Product Marketing Director, Secure Identity notably to develop and promote Kigen Portfolio and first iSIM projects. 


In his previous Gemalto role, Loic Bonvarlet was leading IoT Services Product Marketing including the Gemalto IoT platform and Security Solutions (Trusted Key Manager and Secure Element). As North America Application Engineering Director, he helped key cellular module customers to successfully go to market.


Loic holds a Master of Engineering in Telecoms and networks from Grenoble Institute of Technology.