Leilani DeLeon

Lead of IoT Product Marketing, Qualcomm

Leilani DeLeon

Speaker Bio

Leilani DeLeon believes in the power of technology to connect and unite, which has inspired her 25 years of global marketing leadership with companies including Qualcomm, HP, and EMC as well as several startups.

Leilani currently serves as Director and Global Head of IoT Product Marketing for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), where she leads 360 degree marketing strategy and execution for the global IoT business and digital transformation initiatives within Qualcomm, impacting multiple industries from retail, manufacturing, energy, education, healthcare and much more.

In addition to Leilani’s professional endeavors, she’s an avid volunteer with the following industry and community organizations: APIA Scholars, Junior Achievement USA, and Outrigger Hoe Wana'ao Canoe Club, in addition to mentoring inside and outside of Qualcomm to empower and inspire the next-generation of women leaders.

Leilani holds a B.A. degree from San Diego State University.