Laura Kankaala

Senior Security Consultant, F-Secure

Laura Kankaala

Speaker Bio

Laura is widely recognised as an authority in the white hat hacker community with a deep knowledge across the security landscape with a highly developed understanding of cloud security, mobile, privacy and networking technologies. Laura gained an even wider following across Finland when she recently appeared with two fellow professional hackers in a TV documentary series “Team Whack – everything is hackable”, which saw them hack into a variety of areas of people lives. Their targets included smart devices, a car, a smart home, a WIFI-network, an advertising board, as well as stealing personal identity information and cutting off a gaming stream plus dropping a drone from the sky. The hackers aim in the program was to help consumers, communities and businesses to protect from breaches and hacks, so to highlight exposure.

Laura spends much of her time sharing her knowledge across the security landscape through speaking at a wide range of events by providing guidance and exploring ideas to assist the public and private sector in addressing complex security threats and key society privacy vulnerabilities.  This includes being active in a community of “cyber-firefighters” ( founded during the Covid-19 pandemic, who offered help to companies in the health-care industry, schools, municipalities and also companies who financially cannot afford to solve cyber-related challenges. She’s also helping people to reclaim their privacy through her involvement with Outreach

From a very young age, Laura has been fascinated by computers and now brings this passion into her professional life.