Laura Fernandez Cavas

Climate Change and Sustainable Finance Expert, Telefonica

Laura Fernandez Cavas

Speaker Bio

Degree in Environmental Sciences. Master in Renewables Energies. Highly immersed and passionate about Sustainable Finance.

As part of the Corporate Ethics and Sustainability Department in Telefónica, during the last couple of years I’ve taken part in the definition and monitoring of strategic ESG policies, specially working on the implementation of projects based in sustainable P&S and sustainable finance.

Previously I co-founded a consultancy company and worked for 6 years as Head of sustainable and climate change P&S, were I created and developed all the sustainable P&S and fostered relationships with all the relevant stakeholders. As a consultant during more than 12 years I’ve managed multidisciplinary projects in different industries by planning, implementing and monitoring the environmental impacts of many different activities. 

I love nature, animals and travelling, specially when I can enjoy all of them together. I was born by the Mediterranean, I guess that’s why I can’t stay long without visiting the coast and enjoy a walk along the seashore.