Laith Hamad

CEO and Board Member, OneWeb NEOM JV

Laith Hamad

Speaker Bio

With Satellite Engineering background, Laith is specialist in space commercial and infrastructure business emerging, as well as developing government affairs advocacy, policies, and strategies. He covers regulatory compliance, international affairs, government relations and market access; and he facilitates lawful interception and maintain state security compliance.

Laith supports regulatory, commercial, and competitive intelligence on satellite telecommunications policies and processes, and he works closely with governments to ensure services compliance with local rules and regulations, as well as coordinating and securing landing rights, licenses and all sorts of telecom authorizations and approvals.

Before devoting his work fulltime to OneWeb, Laith has worked as a consultant for major telecom players providing advice and advocacy on global satellite, mobile, Internet, data and cloud regulations.
Laith has contributed to the implementation of international agreements affecting technology innovations and best practices in national regulatory processes in the region. He assisted satellite operators to introduce and manage their services by conducting a complete market research, engaging with national governments, and influencing local policies and regulations.

Laith is active in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), he participates in its conferences and events to help engage its practices internationally and in the region on issues related to telecom public policies.