Justin Reilly

CEO, Wavelo

Justin Reilly

Speaker Bio

Justin Reilly is a highly regarded expert on the intersection of Product, Technology, and Design — with a niche focus on telecoms, consumer grade product and machine learning. As a sub-40 executive, Justin’s expansive resume includes founder, entrepreneur, innovator and thought leader. He has a proven track record of building for the next generation of consumers, focussing on a world of AI First Distributed Platforms and Experiences.

Justin’s eclectic background has afforded him the privilege to work with Fortune 500 brands across the world in a number of capacities. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Wavelo.

Justin is a graduate of Wharton Business School, a Penn Basketball alumnus, and an award-winning Spoken Word artist. He possesses an unhealthy obsession with solving hard problems and a general disdain for low hanging doorways and small spaces.