Jun Watanabe

CEO, Sony Wireless Communications Inc

Jun Watanabe

Speaker Bio

Jun Watanabe is the President of Sony Wireless Communication Inc. and Sony Network Communications Inc. , both of which are responsible for the telecommunication sector of Sony Group.

Jun has more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications. He initiated the local 5G services for residents in Japan at Sony Wireless Communications Inc. and has pioneered the potential of the 5G business. He leads the new value creation in the entertainment domain as well by collaborating with Sony Groups through 5G business. He intends to develop 5G solution services more broadly by making the most of expertise in telecommunications and the assets of the Sony Group.

Alongside, Jun led the launch of “NURO”, the pioneer of high-speed fiber-optic internet service in Japan. He has brought its expansion and the best customer satisfaction in Japan. With the speed and quality highly praised by J.D Power, NURO has grown rapidly, reaching one million customers, including enterprises and residences, in September 2021. He also evolved NURO as a brand providing innovative network services consisting of fixed broadband, mobile broadband, IoT, and AI.

Jun is seeking a broadband career like no one has ever seen before by building infrastructure working for and supporting ever-changing consumers and enterprises