José Marcilla

General Manager, Novartis Oncology Spain

José Marcilla

Speaker Bio

Jose Marcilla is Chief Executive Officer of Novartis Oncology, a position that he performs with passion, not only for the great innovations ahead in the field of oncohematology, but also for the exciting moment we are living in the health sector, with two revolutions converging in time: a biomedical revolution and a digital revolution.

His purpose is to boost talent and expand the potential of people to reimagine medicine and continue dreaming of curing cancer one day. And he is committed to achieve it on a differential way, through an innovative and imaginative science and relying on new digital technologies to discover and create solutions that transform, not only the way to investigate and develop treatments, but also the healthcare paradigm.

He has a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Valencia, an MBA from ESADE and an extensive international experience, working in different countries including the United States, Italy, Argentina and Spain. During his 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry he has held various positions with a focus on the creation of innovative business models and the development of the leadership of his teams.

Prior to his current position, for 3 years he was Chief Executive Officer of Novartis Argentina and Uruguay. In Spain he worked as Business Franchise Head of the areas of Ophthalmology and Respiratory and as Market Access Head. During his 5 years working in the United States, he held various positions in Marketing and Sales. In Italy, he worked in the Marketing Department of the regional headquarters of Novartis Oncology.

He is also passionate about sports and Ironman.