Jillian Kaplan

Telecom & 5G Thought Leadership, Dell

Jillian Kaplan

Speaker Bio

Jillian Kaplan joined Dell Technologies in 2018 and currently leads 5G and Telecom Thought Leadership. In this role her team has global responsibility for ensuring the Telecoms and CSPs can monetize their investments in 5G through future Enterprise use cases. 

Prior to Dell Technologies, Jillian spent 14 years at Verizon. She joined as a Central Office Network Engineer during the launch of FTTP (FiOS). She managed over a billion dollars in inventory in the Central Offices in New England and New Jersey ensuring all equipment was properly engineered, accounted for and utilized. While she worked, she received a Technical MBA and upon completion started a new role Product Management where she managed a SaaS product called Verizon Concierge. She went onto various roles in Marketing Operations and Sales Enablement for a well-rounded skills set in high tech. 

She currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband, daughter and dog. In her free time, she enjoys volunteer with dog rescue and working out. Jillian is an accomplished equestrian and enjoys being outdoors whenever possible. She is a trauma survivor and has the unique opportunity to bring her personal life into her work life while bringing Technology for Good to the forefront of her messaging and helping other find their voice and share their accomplishments. She is an author, speaker and believer in paying it forward.