Jerome Ajdenbaum

VP, Cryptocurrencies & Digital Currencies, IDEMIA

Jerome Ajdenbaum

Speaker Bio

Jerome Ajdenbaum is heading Cryptocurrencies and Digital Currencies at IDEMIA, the author of a bestselling book “Who Will Win the Cryptocurrency War?” and is frequently interviewed in the press on subjects ranging from to cryptocurrencies and the politics of the political aspects of the metaverse.

In this role at IDEMIA, he is in charge of defining and implementing a winning strategy to enable businesses to securely offer cryptoassets and cryptocurrencies to their customers. This encompasses both product and business development. In his previous role, Jerome was heading IDEMIA fintech sales, based in New York, working with all major technology companies to reshape the financial industry. Prior to that, he held various leadership roles at IDEMIA and Gemalto (now Thales). In 2000, he started and developed Iteon, a company specializing in innovation, consulting and software development creating a business with blue chips customers around the globe.  He holds 10 patents on payment security and value added services.

In his bestselling book – Who Will Win the Cryptocurrency War? – he outlines the revolutionary impact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will have on payments and the irresistible push towards decentralized finance. He focuses on the ethos of the different prospects: currencies without authority (e.g. Bitcoin), private currencies (e.g. Facebook’s Diem) and public currencies (central bank digital currencies) and analyses how they compare from a technical, economic and political standpoint.

A graduated engineer, Jerome holds an MBA and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Caen, France.