Jeannine Peek

CapGemini, Country Leader

Jeannine Peek

Speaker Bio

“Digitization has become increasingly important for creating a better world. Technology is key to making healthcare more efficient and affordable and will be crucial in the fight against climate change. Just think of the ways in which the combination of IoT and AI can make transport or agriculture more efficient. I like to dedicate myself to our shared mission, digitization”.

Since March 2020, Jeannine Peek has been the new Figurehead of the Top Sector ICT, or Team Dutch Digital Delta. There she is committed to ICT innovation within public private partnerships, with an extra focus on the development of Technical Talent and diversity.

In addition to her role as an ICT figurehead, Jeannine is Managing Director of Capgemini Netherlands. With her team she helps many organizations with their business and digitization ambitions.

She is a board member of the Dutch ICT industry association NL Digital, of which she was The Chair for several years. Jeannine is also Supervisor at SIDN, Member of the Advisory Board of the Dutch Data Protection Authority and a board member of the National Register. Jeannine studied Business Information Science at the University of Twente, for which she acts as an ambassador.