Ivan Fernandez Lobo

Founder, Meetaverse

Ivan Fernandez Lobo

Speaker Bio

Ivan Fernandez Lobo is a creative technologist with a deep understanding of the gaming/entertainment media business and 15 years experience facilitating and developing strategic business relationships and partnerships between gaming, technology and media companies worldwide. Loves impossible challenges and getting involved with crazy projects/ideas called to disrupt the future of digital entertainment.

Ivan was the co-founder and first ever president of the Spanish Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, a non-profit organisation helping both the Spanish and the Catalonian games industries to mature, grow and connect internationally in cooperation with the main organisations, private companies and public institutions.

In 2005 Ivan founded the Gamelab Barcelona conference, a global think-tank where industry leaders get together to exchange ideas and share their visions about the futures of Gaming and Interactive Entertainment. (www.gamelab.es).

Ever since then, Ivan has played a key role in the development of the Spanish and Catalonian videogames ecosystem, bridging the interests of the different governments and the industry, and connecting opportunities for them worldwide.

Ivan's latest project, Meetaverse,aims for the creation of networks that help connect the foremost political, economic and cultural leaders of our society with the unlimited power of the new digital reality shaped by games.