Ivan Caballero

CEO, Citibeats

Ivan Caballero

Speaker Bio

Ivan Caballero is a country-house builder and a farmer, and an award-winner entrepreneur, twice the recipient of the United Nations World Summit Award for his technological innovation acumen combined with civic engagement. Ivan’s mission is to create a more inclusive and representative society. And if you ask him “How?”, he will reply “Through an ethical, responsible, and human-centered approach to technology.”

And that’s what Ivan’s been doing for over two decades, changing the rules of the game, shifting the human/technology paradigm to bring humanity back to the heart of the decision-making process.

Over his storied career, Ivan was awarded a €1M EU grant for visionary and ethical AI, won the NTT Data Global Contest for the best startup, and worked with some of the biggest multilateral organizations in the world, including WHO, UNESCO, UNDP, and IDB. 

A true believer that technologists have the moral duty to help society, in 2018 he founded Citibeats, an AI-powered ethical data platform. Citibeats’ technology provides organizations and institutions with insights into citizens’ needs and opinions by analyzing open-sourced data and reducing bias for an accurate and inclusive representation of all people’s voices. “How can we be sure of what people really need?”, always asks Ivan. Citibeats’ platform has been conceived for that, to listen to citizens and understand them;  to empower decision-makers to interpret how society changes in real time and address the most pressing challenges and opportunities in fast-changing social environments.

In Ivan’s vision, Citibeats is the first piece of a technological and social mosaic with the responsibility and goal of creating a fairer, smarter, and more efficient society.