Ivan Bofarull

Chief Innovation Officer , Esade

Ivan Bofarull

Speaker Bio

Ivan Bofarull is Chief Innovation Officer at ESADE, the global business school, where he also teaches disruptive innovation in corporate learning programs. He is also author of the award-winning book “Moonshot Thinking” (best innovation book 2021 in Spain and launching globally in 2023), where he unveils a new methodology to transform disruption into opportunity in an age of resilience and transformation.

In the last few years, Ivan has designed and taught in disruptive innovation programs for multiple C-level boards, from both established companies and startups, in Silicon Valley, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. He is the academic director of “Moonshot Thinking for Startup Founders&CEOs” (5th edition), a Caixabank-sponsored program aimed at enabling the next generation of global companies from Spain and Portugal.

In the recent past, Ivan has been the academic director during 4 years (2016-20) of the CEO program “The Journey to Business Transformation”, a partnership between Singularity University and Esade Executive Education. He has also been academic co-director of the innovation challenge between elBulli (world’s top chef Ferran Adria) and Esade (2015-19), and a global advisor to the Dean at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in Washington,DC (2011-2015). 

Ivan is a frequent speaker about disruptive innovations and also about the future of education and learning, both in companies and global events (Mobile World Congress, TEDx, Lego Education, DayOne Innovation Summit, Merit Summit, among others). In 2016, he received the “Educational Innovation Award” at Esade, and in 2021, he has been listed by Forbes as one of the main futurists in Spain.