Ihita Gangavarapu

Board Member, Generation Connect Visionaries

Ihita Gangavarapu

Speaker Bio

Ihita Gangavarapu is an Electronics and Communica7on Engineer currently working on Internet of Things(IoT) security and smart ci7es. She is passionate about emerging technologies and solving the challenges that arise with them including that of digital inclusion.

She strongly believes that building capacity in youth and their engagement in the effec7ve use of ICT has a greater impact.

She is currently a board member of the ITU Genera7on Connect Visionaries Board. She is the cofounder of Youth Internet Governance Forum(YIGF) India, a plaJorm recognized by the UN IGF to engage youth in Internet Governance. Youth IGF India has organized three annual forums covering prominent topics such as accessibility, cybersecurity, data governance, ICT and environmental sustainability.

She was an ICANN NextGen Ambassador and Internet Society [email protected] Fellow.