Ibon Salbidegoitia

Co-Founder, R&D manager, Bigda Solutions

Ibon Salbidegoitia

Speaker Bio

Co-founder and CTO of BigDa Solutions with a Bachelor’s degree in “Solid-state physics” and a Msc in Meteorology and Geophysics. Experience in the energy generation and consumption sector starting in SENER Engineering company in 2008 focused on making services for the first renewable energy central tower with molten salts “Gemasolar” to improve the operation and maintenance.

In 2013 creates "Meteo for Energy" company to provide accurate meteorological forecasts through Artificial Intelligence predictive models for renewable energy power plants to improve energy transition in Europe, which finally allows the growth to Africa and Middle East power plants.

In 2016 BigDa Solutions brand was created to start providing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to industrial companies providing services to automotive (Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen Navarra), manufacturing (Sidenor and Arcos knfies) and chemical (Bilbaina de Alquitranes) companies where Industry 4.0 transition technologies have been the key components to develop advanced predictive models.