Hendrik Brandis

Co-Founder & Partner , Earlybird Venture Capital

Hendrik Brandis

Speaker Bio

Hendrik Brandis is a Co-founder and Partner at Earlybird and is based in Munich, Germany.

Hendrik brings over 25 years of investment, operational, and entrepreneurial experience. His current domain focus is deep tech and enterprise productivity for startup companies with corporate-division software and hardware products, as well as selected high-tech topics.

Hendrik currently serves on the boards of Earlybird portfolio companies aiven, B2X Care Solutions, Aleph Alpha, HiveMQ, Instamotion, Isar Aerospace, MyDataModels, Onefootball, and Simscale.

He has served as an EVCA (European Venture Capital Association) board member and Chairman of the EVCA Venture Capital Platform Council.

Before establishing Earlybird, Hendrik was a Partner with McKinsey & Company where he led McKinsey's small- and mid-sized company initiative and actively supported the creation of McKinsey New Venture.

Hendrik holds a Dipl.-Ing. (MSc equivalent) and a PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering.