Haitham Abdul Razzak

CTO, Etisalat

Haitham  Abdul Razzak

Speaker Bio

Haitham Abdulrazzak, is the Chief Technology Officer at Etisalat UAE since 2013 responsible for designing, building & operating all technological solutions including, Mobile(2G/3G/4G/5G), broadband, IPTV, Satellite, Data centers and digital platforms including, Cloud, Security and IOT.

With a consortium of partners and innovators, he is currently developing digitized APIs over an autonomous virtualized telco stack that will create a lean operating model for Telcos. He is progressing in delivering a fully virtualized and autonomous multi-cloud EDGE based network as part of the NaaS architecture before the end of 2023. Etisalat UAE has developed multiple autonomous platforms as part of NaaS Architecture that empowered Etisalat operation system EANOS including the A3 platform which is currently automating 80% of the 5G end to end operations.

Built an efficient, productive, target-oriented, cost effective, adaptive, collaborative and customer focused engineering organization. Challenged the Status quo and stretched the organization to new limits yearly. Built a Business and Financial Minded Engineering Teams while maintaining technology leadership across the Region and Enabling Revenue Growth & Massive Cost Reduction.

Leading Worldwide Ookla Ranking for Mobile Network Speeds Worldwide and achieving #1 FTTH globally for 4 years in a row since 2017 while locally achieved a leading position in UAE Mobile Quality of Services TRA benchmark leadership since 2014 to date.

Launched 1st 5G Commercial in the region and Technology Leadership across MENA. First Telco Cloud and EDGE Computing and Network Virtualization in the region.

During Q4 2006, he joined the core team that took on the challenge of creating and developing Etisalat’s network expansion into Egypt, through the launch of the country’s third telecom operator.

Prior to joining Etisalat, he spearheaded Engineering Projects which mainly included overseeing the development of the GSM, FTTH, GPON and WiMAX infrastructure and services at various telecom majors across the Middle East and African region. During his tenure with these telecom organizations, Abdulrazzak gained valuable insights into best- practice standards and methodologies for mobile operators.

His tenacity and persistence to address challenges has earned him respect and admiration among his colleagues and Senior Management in the company. Haitham Abdulrazzak is a graduate of the American University of Beirut.