H.E.Vianna Maino

Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society, Ecuador

H.E.Vianna Maino

Speaker Bio

Doctor of Jurisprudence with great experience in the public and private sectors. Her specialization in public policies and modernization of the state has allowed him to contribute to make viable the development of investments and high-impact projects in the country.

Its main specialties are:

- Public-private collaboration: Infrastructure, Communications, Public Services.

- Regulation, public policies and government innovation.

- Private Investment- FDI

- Foreign trade, logistics.

She has worked both with the Government, as well as with private investors and as a consultant for multilateral organizations, in the development of several iconic infrastructure and public services projects in Ecuador, amounting to more than $ 1.0 billion of private risk investment in public services in the sectors of: roads, ports, networks, health, airports, power generation, postal.