H.E. Vianna Maino

Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society, Ecuador

H.E. Vianna Maino

Speaker Bio

She is a Doctor of Jurisprudence with great experience in the public and private sectors. Her specialization in public policies and modernization of the state has allowed her to contribute to making viable the development of investments and high-impact projects in the country. She has led teams for the development of communication strategies and information management tools, contributing to the modernization and transparency of public administration.

Her main specialities include:

- Public-private collaboration: Infrastructure, Communications, Public Services.

- Regulation, public policies, and government innovation.

- Private Investment- FDI

- Foreign trade, logistics.

With extensive knowledge and experience in regulation and concessions, in the areas of infrastructure, technology, and public-social services (transport, port, airport, energy, postal, telecommunications, water, health). She has led important negotiations with international corporations in these areas. She is also a specialist in Ecuador for international publications of the IDB and World Bank.

She is a Doctor of Jurisprudence, specialized in APP, and a lawyer from the Catholic University of Guayaquil, also an MBA-International Business at the Santa María University, with the highest qualifications and constant training in Public-Private Collaboration and Modern Government at Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School and Insead / The Business School of the World-France.

She has worked both with the Government, as well as with private investors and as a consultant for multilateral organizations, in the development of several iconic infrastructure and public services projects in Ecuador, amounting to more than $ 1.0 billion of private risk investment in public services in the sectors of roads, ports, networks, health, airports, power generation, postal. Additionally, she has developed and implemented regulations on public policies for innovation and government modernization.

Since May 24, 2021, she is part of the Government of the President of Ecuador, Mr. Guillermo Lasso, and she will be in charge of the Ministry of Telecommunications, the governing body for the development of information and communication technologies in Ecuador. It will be in charge of the sector responsible for issuing public policies and general plans in coordination with actors from the strategic sectors to guarantee equal access to services, promoting their effective, efficient, and effective use; also ensuring through technology, the strengthening of telemedicine and tele-education, and working to make it an opportunity to achieve an inclusive national development project that reaches every corner of Ecuador, thus constituting a digital country that through connectivity brings the government closer to the citizens, ensuring the development towards that information society that we long for.

The great objective of Maino as Minister of Telecommunications and the Information Society is to create new paths towards socioeconomic mobility that contributes to the development and integration of the Ecuadorian population to turn it into a more just and equitable society.