H.E. Mr Lee Jong-Ho

Minister of Science and ICT, Republic of Korea

H.E. Mr Lee Jong-Ho

Speaker Bio

Dr. Lee Jong-ho received his master's and doctorate degrees from Seoul National University. Then he worked as an Electrical and Computer Engineering professor at Seoul National University and also worked as the director of Seoul National University's Inter-University Semiconductor Research Center.

He has published 514 papers in the semiconductor field and registered 86 patents. One of his notable patents is bulk fin field-effect transistors (FinFET), which he developed in 2001 in collaboration with KAIST. Minister Lee is a pioneer in semiconductor industry, having developed the first technology to mass-produce FinFET -- a type of small, high-speed transistor used in high-end chips.

Currently, as Minister of Science and ICT of Korea, based on his long experience in the field of research, he is improving the R&D sector and leading the development of cutting-edge technology that will serve as the foundation for dynamic, innovative growth.